New tools

I recently added several German-made Festool tools to my woodworking quiver: the smaller Domino joiner, the smaller track saw, a nine-foot saw track, and an MFT/3 work table. I spent the past two evenings breaking down 3/4″ birch plywood for a pair of tall cabinets that I’m building for a repeat client. I’ve got to say, the track saw concept as executed by Festool is hands-down one of the finest power tool systems I’ve used — quick, easy, accurate, portable. I won’t ever bring plywood to the table saw again. Tonight I was able to make use of the MFT/3 table in its cross-cutting capacity — a shorter guide rail for the saw arranged perpendicular to an adjustable miter fence with an integrated length stop. The table itself is designed for modularity — all the accessories are field-adjustable, and the table top itself is designed for integrated clamping. I’d say that using the combination of these tools saved me at least an hour in time-on-task while simultaneously increasing accuracy and providing a cleaner finished product. Yep, drinking that green Kool-Aid for sure. 

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