Makers – Tools and Otherwise

Companies and makers that I’m interested in and support.

Lie-Nielsen Tools – As their tagline says: Heirloom Quality Tools. An interesting company in so many ways. Now a well-known and widely recognized brand, Lie-Nielsen was one of the bellwether enterprises of the current renaissance in craft-made woodworking tools. American-made, New England-built and sourced, Lie-Nielsen has focused largely on recreating older-style tools using newer technology and refined materials. Devoted to educating crafts workers, Lie-Nielsen offers workshops in their outstanding facility in Maine and well as outstanding and varied videos.

Wahl Organbuilders – A small company based in Appleton, WI and run by father/son Ron and Christoph Wahl. Focused on the construction or re-construction of finely crafted, musically robust and balanced mechanical action pipe organs. Ron and Christoph share in the physical and tonal design of their instruments; Christoph executes the majority of the construction and woodworking while Ron focuses on the execution of the tonal design and voicing/balancing of the pipework. Friends, and former employers, Ron and Christoph have helped me to develop my sense of craftsmanship and precision.