Quilter’s Fabric Shelving


This project grew from a simple request from my client: create organized storage space for her quilting fabric. The storage needed to be enclosed, to keep her cats away from the raw materials, yet she wanted to be able to peruse colors and patterns without having to dig through crates, cupboards, or boxes. She had purchased plans from a knitter’s supply that suggested the basic concept of multiple small “pigeon-holes” stacked into tall columns. We worked to estimate her storage needs and refine the design, including a lower set of open shelves to provide more passive storage while simultaneously getting the active storage up to a more accessible height. The pair of cabinets are cleanly constructed of Birch veneer plywood joined discreetly with hidden solid wood tenons. The face frames and doors are of clear Adirondack White Pine. They are finished with a water-based polyurethane for durability without the yellowing often associated with oil finishes. Somehow, through the course of building the two cabinets more fabric appeared —  now she’ll need a third!

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