Bunk Room Accommodations

Entire bunk room.


Finished design inspired by this image.

A portion of the significant renovation of two small bedrooms in a substantial Adirondack camp included the design and construction of a pair of bunk beds and a daybed to match the existing interior woodwork of the house. Working from an image provided for visual inspiration by the client, design focused on accomplishing a multifaceted goal- from two small, uninviting rooms create a comfortable and inviting sleeping arrangement that would also provide seating and “hang-out” space.




Floating tenon joinery integral to the design.

Using clear, vertical grain (CVG) Douglas Fir, parts for all three pieces of furniture were worked mass-production style through dimensioning and joinery. Floating mortise and tenon joints provided strength while maintaining the clean lines of the simple design.

Mortise mass-production.







Slowly, small pieces became larger elements.

All the components coming together.

Gluing up the bunk end panels.










Despite the room-scaled size of the pieces, small details remained important.

Ladder supports of different thicknesses to accommodate both the rail and the post of the bunk.

Detail of upper bunk guardrails.

Economizing with framing lumber for unseen structural elements.

Vertical grain fir armrest.


View of fir V-joint from the bottom bunk.




The room complete: a pair of mirror-image bunks flanking a comfortable daybed.

View of the left side of the room.

View of the right side of the room.

Oblique room perspective.

Importantly, this work is from my day job with Crowl Construction, of Keene NY.